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Game Servers2021-11-02T07:30:28+00:00
Fast Hardware

Ryzen 7 or Intel Coffee Lake CPU’s and DDR4 RAM

You know it, you love it. It’s the most popular game server control panel!

Free Backup

All servers include a free backup slot

Available Game Servers

Valheim 10 4.5GB 5GB NVME/SSD 5 – 10 min $13/mo
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Satisfactory 4+ 8GB 10GB NVME/SSD 12-24 hr $17/mo
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Minecraft Unlimited 1GB 10GB NVME/SSD 5 – 10 min $4/mo
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Team Fortress 2 32 1GB 15GB NVME/SSD 5 – 10 min $12/mo
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Left 4 Dead 2 8+ 1GB 15GB NVME/SSD 5 – 10 min $8/mo
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Starbound 10 3.5GB 5GB NVME/SSD 5 – 10 min $10/mo
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Custom Custom Custom Custom NVME/SSD 12-24 hr Custom
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Game Server FAQ

Can I have a few extra network ports for mod (i.e dynmap etc)?2021-11-02T00:24:51+00:00

Yes! Please contact our support team and they can assign additional ports for no extra cost. Certain ports may be unavailable. Ports are issued on a first come first serve basis.

Can I install mods on the server?2021-11-02T00:23:58+00:00

Yes! You will have full access to the game files and can install any mods you wish. Note that we don’t offer an auto-mod installer at this time. You should consider mods unsupported, meaning that we will not guarantee they will always work. We are happy to help point you in the right direction to install mods. If you are curious about a particular mod feel free to email sales AT

What if I don’t like the service, can I have a refund?2021-11-02T00:21:44+00:00

Our game server products all have a 15 day refund policy. If you don’t like the service you can cancel within 15 days and receive a full refund. Note that this only applies to the first month of service.

Can I share access to my game server?2021-11-02T00:21:20+00:00

Yes! Customers are able to setup sub-user accounts in the Pterodactyl control panel. You can customize the type of access and share it with someone else. Additionally, you are able to add additional contacts to your billing account at so that multiple people can enter support tickets, or pay invoices.

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