Linux Flavors Abound

We offer a variety of different distributions, and can provide custom distributions upon request.

Flexible Trial Period

Don’t like the service? Ask support for a refund within 7 days of purchase.

Pre-Purchase and Save

Save up to 20% when you prepay for a VPS

General Purpose VPS – Dallas, TX

FeaturesMini – DallasSmall – DallasMedium – DallasLarge – Dallas
Cpu1 CPU Core Shared2 CPU Cores Shared4 CPU Cores Shared6 CPU Cores Shared
Bandwidth2TB Bandwidth1 IPv4 + IPv63TB Bandwidth1 IPv4 + IPv64TB Bandwidth1 IPv4 + IPv65TB Bandwidth1 IPv4 + IPv6
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DDoS Protection

We actively monitor our network for DDoS attacks and offer passive and active mitigation techniques to keep your service available around the clock!

KVM Virtualization

KVM allows us to fully virtualize the kernel of the OS, allowing you additional performance. Great for running Docker!

Powered By Virtfusion

VPS Builder

After purchasing, you’ll be prompted to choose your OS options and to add SSH keys. Most VPS are built and online within 15 seconds.

Server Sharing

Share access to your VPS with other customers, allowing multiple users to manage your VPS services.

General Purpose VPS FAQ

Yes. Each General Purpose VPS includes one snapshot backup slot. This snapshot is stored off-site. You are able to schedule automatic backups for free. To purchase additional backup slots, please contact our help team.

Customers may request a refund within 7 days of the initial order date. Provided you have not violated our Terms of Service, we are happy to provide a refund.

We are happy to install simple applications for our customers for free. Some apps our team have installed free in the past include: Bookstack, Forge-VTT and NextCloud. Installations are subject to availability, contact our help team to check our availability.

EVLBOX uses Virtfusion to provide a fast and intuitive interface to your VPS. Virtfusion includes SSH key management, simple multi-VPS management, and many more features.

At this time, our General Purpose VPS services are only available in Dallas, TX. Our Elite VPS services are available in Los Angeles, CA.