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About our Agency

About the studio

Hi, we’re Joey and Ryan. We’re both cloud engineers and met while running the EVL eSports IT Operations team. We’ve helped build infrastructure to power ecommerce, blogs, tournament management systems and more. Between the two of us we have over 15 years of hosting industry experience.  We’d love to work with you and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Full Stack Management

Redis, MySQL, Open Litespeed, Memcached, we manage the full stack.

Cloud Agnostic

Our cloud engineers have deep technical experience with most major cloud providers.

Agile & Efficient

Our small team is able to perform complex tasks quickly.


We are a full-service digital company

Our Humble Beginnings

Formed from the IT Operations team of EVL.GG eSports, EVLBOX carries rich experience managing e-commerce sites, live video streaming services, automated game server provisioning (java, source and unreal based games) and many other odds and ends as needed for this fast paced industry. We are always hungry to face new challenges and learn new technologies.

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