About Our Company

For over a decade, EVL Gaming LLC. has set out to provide premier gaming experiences. Nothing’s better than enjoying a game with some friends, no matter where they are. Why not provide people with a way to connect with their friends across the world with ease, while keeping the service at an accessible price?

Taking this simple, yet essential concept, members of EVL Gaming’s subsidiaries came together to form EVLBOX. Coming from ventures such as EVL.GG, evlTV, and eSports backgrounds, the team that formed has vast experience in server management, E-Commerce, and video streaming services. With a diverse background, our team is always willing to face new challenges and learn new technologies to ensure our customers experience amazing services. 

We strive to provide a service that is high-performing and packed with features, but is still easy to use and affordable. Our goal is to run a company with services we can be proud of. Something we’d be willing to offer to our own friends and family, guilt-free.

Our Team

Ryan (he/him/his)


The brains behind the operation, Ryan oversees all aspects of the company's operations. With 13 years experience in System Administration and AWS Cloud Architecture, Ryan runs EVLBOX with ease. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing strategy games. Having found EVLBOX by merging his and Jose's passion for infrastructure engineering and gaming, the two now work together to keep our services functioning!

Joey P (he/him/his)

Senior System Administrator

Brought into EVL Gaming LLC through Tower Unite, Jose is a funny guy who can get work done when needed. Having been a Network Operations Center Lead for the past 6 years, Jose has plenty of experience to keep our servers at peak performance. When not tinkering with our services, he can be found at home tinkering on cars.

Shay (he/him/his)


Working from the shadows, Shay tends to appear when something more artistic and less technical needs done. Not sure if your article is legible? Need some cool stickers? Writing some silly "About Us'' page for the website? Shay's your guy! He always finds a way to keep EVLBOX's sites looking sleek, while under the 24/7 watch of his four supervisors. When not checking Ryan's grammar (or occasionally cosplaying), Shay spends his time playing Sims or anything in the Yakuza series.


Jaime (she/her/hers)

Technical Writer

Jaime is a former biology teacher who made the switch to IT eight years ago as a developer and then quality assurance engineer. She enjoys knitting, reading, writing and playing cozy games in her free time. She lives with her husband and three cats.

Our Pets



The strict, but fair officer of our Dog Division, Crown regularly evaluates EVLBOX server infrastructure. On his days off, Crown spends his time doing cardio recklessly in his backyard, spending time with his good pal Herman the Cuddlepillar, or practicing his lockpicking skills on the kitchen trash can.



Reading an article on our blog? Looking at that cool sticker we sent you as a thanks for being an early supporter? Good chance that this menace was part of the process of the making of those. Whether he was in the way, or decided he also wanted to type out a few words for the people, Majima always finds a way to be the center of attention!



Unlike his brother, Saejima tends to loaf about and watch work be done. Not one to impose, he tends to take naps during his shifts. A very cuddly, yet timid man with a threatening aura. When he's on his break, he always does an excited dance before he eats.

Felix + Gregory

Night Supervisors

A big fan of worms, Felix works our night shifts with Gregory. During his time on the clock, Felix will watch intently as others get work done. Our other night shifter, Gregory, is a standoffish young man. Not a fan of his coworker, Felix, he spends his time avoiding eye contact with him. Luckily, they have separate cubicles, and hardly come in contact with each other.


Quality Inspector

Cobalt aka Inspector Bood likes to keep tabs on what anyone is doing whether they are working at the kitchen table, or in their office. His favorite place is right in front of the screen, on the keyboard so that no work can continue while he makes his checks.


Lucas and Venturo

Scrum Masters

Lucas and Venturo keep the team on task and communicate this loudly through various whines and cries. They make sure daily ceremonies occur at the precise time including refinement , stand up, and feeding . They keep the team out of the weeds and protect the team from distractions and bug invaders.