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Frequently Asked Questions

As a beginner there is a short learning curve. Simply click Multiplayer in Factorio, choose direct connect and enter your new server IP address and port. To make yourself an admin type /promote username into the nitro console. Our help team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

First, make sure you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. That will open up the Multiplayer -> “Connect to Address” option. Simply enter your EVLBOX server IP and port in the format xx.xx.xx.xx:1234 and you will be able to join!

Servers include 3 free backup slots. These slots hold a snapshot of your save game. For extra redundancy we keep these backups off-site so in the event of any catastrophic failure at our datacenter we are still able to recover your save game. 

Our Game Servers have a 7 day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel within the first 7 days and receive a full refund. You must request this within the first month of service for a full refund. Services that have been in use for 1 month or have renewed are not eligible for a refund.

Yes you can! Just make sure that all players have the same version of Factorio. Typically the Nintendo Switch version of Factorio is one version behind the PC version. PC players can downgrade to an older version via the steam betas functionality. 

Note that our servers support Factorio mods, but mods will not work on Factorio.