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We provide a simple, and secure place for your Foundry VTT server to operate, without idle timers or limits

Easy Control
At Your Fingertips

Nitro Panel provides a simple interface to access your Foundry VTT server. Monitor the console output, or manage the files. Access your off-site backups or change the time that backups run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Foundry Servers are never exposed directly to the public internet. Instead a Proxy server is used to allow only specific types of traffic to reach your Foundry Server, significiantly reducing the chance of succesful exploits.

Since we physically isolate your Foundry Server from the internet, some additional “plumbing” is required to get it working correctly. This also allows us some time to perform some quality checks to make sure your service is setup and working perfectly from the start.

Once per week (or daily if you upgrade to daily backups) we take a complete snapshot of your Foundry Servers’ file system and store it offsite. This means that even if our datacenter is wiped out by a flock of Abyssal Chickens, your files and data will still be accessible!

Our Foundry Server plans have a 15 day refund policy. If are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel within the first 15 days and receive a full refund. You must request this within the first month of service for a full refund.

We request all customers provide the installation files via the timed link feature on

This allows you to install any version of Foundry VTT that you wish to use. We do not distribute the files for Foundry VTT