Starting at $3/mo


Provide Some Tunes, Keep Your Data Safe

Free music bots harvest data from your discord server. Keep your data safe by hosting your own open-source bot.

Easy Control
At Your Fingertips

Nitro Panel provides quick access to setup your music bot. Modify configurations, upload local music tracks through the built-in file browser, or change the bot token with ease. Monitor the resource usage, or schedule an automatic backup task.

Frequently Asked Questions

JMusicBot is very simple to setup, and can be done in about five minutes. You will need to generate a discord bot token, and set the discord owner ID after purchasing the service. We will also e-mail an instruction document to you upon purchase. Please feel free to contact support anytime if you need help!

We offer quite a few different bot options, all within the $3/mo price range. At anytime, you may change the bot installed by logging into Choose the corresponding service, and then the “Upgrade/Downgrade” option. From there, you can choose any of the bots we offer, and switch to them at no charge. However, doing so will delete any files associated with your current bot. Make sure to download a backup of your files before changing bots!

Each backup slot holds a single backup of your files. You can create a customized schedule to run an automated backup. If you have 3 backup slots and your schedule backs up once per day, you can store 3 days of backups at one time.

Our Discord bot plans have a 15 day refund policy. If are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel within the first 15 days and receive a full refund. You must request this within the first month of service for a full refund.

You shouldn’t need to, but during times of high latency on Discord’s network, it is possible that changing the region will provide better quality sound. 

If you do encounter issues, below are the optimal Discord regions to use for your bot. 

Dallas, TX bot location – US Central 

Los Angeles, CA bot location – US West