EVLBOX Nitro Panel

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Our Nitro Managed service for dedicated servers and VPS is now available for free on all dedicated servers and select VPS. The service allows community groups and hobbyists to easily deploy web apps, game servers, and discord bots in just a few clicks. Powered by our Nitro Game Panel.

What is a Managed Dedicated Game Server?

When you purchase a dedicated server or VPS it is delivered to you as a blank server, typically with an OS installed. You will need to login over SSH or RDP and from there install the needed software to run your game servers and apps. You will also need to keep up with security updates and backups. With managed service, you will lose direct SSH access to your server, and instead be given access to a Nitro Control Panel account that lets you deploy game servers, apps and discord bots. The software installation, software updates, and backups are all handled by EVLBOX.

Thanks to some new upgrades in our infrastructure, we are able to offer this service for free (mostly in part due to some automation and software integrations).


Why should I choose a Managed Dedicated Game Server?

Since we provide you with configurations for game servers, apps and discord bots there is little work for you to configure your servers. We have over 13 years of experience operating game, and we’re allowing you to take advantage of our experience. The biggest benefits are faster setup time, included off-site backups, and access to our popular Nitro Game Panel. All at no charge! It’s also cheaper than buying a larger quantity of game servers from us, but with the exact same experience. You are still able to add sub-users, use our reverse proxy functions, or setup custom subdomains.

To check out all the specifics, we suggest taking a look at our Wiki article about our Nitro Managed service.

What VPS plans include this service?

For the absolute best performing Managed Dedicated Game servers, we highly encourage you to choose a Dedicated Server. However, we do support this service on our 12GB and up Gaming VPS plans, which include 3 dedicated vCPU Ryzen 9 5950x cores.

How do I get started?

Check out our Dedicated Server page or our VPS page to get started. During checkout make sure to choose the Managed Nitro Panel option. Service is deployed within 24 hours.