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Satisfactory Dedicated Server Support Incoming

A recent video from Coffee Stain Studios brings hope to players who are missing a stable, issue free multiplayer co-op experience. The latest changes, that now include update 8, have caused bugs and crash issues with the multiplayer mode preventing friends from building factories together with their favorite lizard doggo.

The adorable lizard doggo


The Updates

The development studio has changed up their strategy and have merged their experimental branch with the main 1.0 branch with the goal to push the game out of early access. With this focus, they have acknowledged and will address the critical bugs and issues that are only happening on dedicated servers and say that more attention and support is coming soon to dedicated servers. They also highlighted several features that will be included in the 1.0 release. 


These include:

-Easier and Faster Server Installation 

-Servers Use one port for udp/ tcp: 7777

-Servers bind to IPV4 and IPV6 simultaneously

-The Server Executable can be run as a windowed application or a console application

-Implemented support for TLS – end to end encryption with certificates

-On Server Boot, Unreal Console Logs now show server status, uptime, build number, filterable logs and built in terminal for server commands

-Advance game settings can now be set in the game menu (Remove those arachnids!)

Stingers: The stuff of nightmares


-New Configuration Settings have been added to the in game menu such as autosave interval, restart interval and network quality

-Download the save file from the in game menu (for server admins)

-In Game, the server notifies all clients that the server is saving

-HTTP API between server and Client

– API documentation and modding support!


Future Updates 

– Ability to Set Client privileges, decide who has the ability to dismantle

– Easier to Upload blueprints to the server


A Better Dedicated Server Experience

Coffe stain Studios has implemented many changes and improvements since Early Access was released in 2019. As they continue to make changes in preparation for 1.0 we are excited to see how these changes will bring a better quality of life to the multiplayer experience. With the Closed Beta going live in February this year a 1.0 release is hopefully arriving right around the bend. 

Satisfactory Trains


EVLBOX is prepared for these updates, and will continue to offer access to branch switching if coffee stain continues to offer multiple branches on steam. 

Amazing Satisfactory Server Hosting

EVLBOX Satisfactory Wiki 





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