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Big news for Tower Unite players: Development has finally picked up on dedicated Condo servers! Did you make some super cool Condo featuring all your interests? Want to leave your super elaborate hidden lewd image scavenger hunt open 24/7? Get hyped for when this update drops! Since this is a (kind of) brand new announcement, it’ll be a while until we see this implemented, but that gives everyone time to spruce up their Condos and get them ready for all to see!

This future update will allow users to host their Condo without having to actively be there! It’ll allow for other users to join the Condo at any time. Co-Op will also still be available for the dedicated servers, as long as the usual permissions are given out.



Snapshots of The Plaza taken the day I wrote this article, showing the still ongoing holiday event.


Reading this, yet you’ve never played the game? Let me give a quick rundown on it. Tower Unite is a virtual world multiplayer game with all sorts of minigames, a huge hub world to explore, and user-designed “Condos” to hang out in. Users can enjoy these features as a model that’s been uploaded onto Steam Workshop, or even figure out how to model and import their own character. Best thing I can think to compare it to is Roblox, or at least what I imagine Roblox is like (I have never played it) Though a game still in Early Access, Tower Unite boasts a crazy amount of features to keep you and your friends entertained for ages.


Snippet of the Condo Hub Board, taken by Joey

The condos, made by other users, start with one of many bases you can buy in the Plaza. Once you buy one, you can fill it up with items you’ve bought at the other stores in the Plaza (or the accessible from anywhere Tower Express), or prizes you’ve won from minigames and seasonal events. A couple of the purchasable items allow you to place models others have uploaded to Steam Workshop, or insert any image via a URL. This leads to interesting results, but the strangeness of it all is the main appeal of the Condos.

An example of items you can get via Steam Workshop (In my personal Condo)

Questionable condos like the kind I mentioned at the beginning of this article are easily the highlight of my experience with Tower, as weird as that seems. The absolute freedom players have with putting together their condos is awe-inducing, which is why I’m looking forward to the dedicated servers. I might be able to see some of my favorite hang out spots at my own leisure, instead of hoping one of them is online at the same time as me. Though, some very dedicated users are keeping their condos open as close to 24/7 as they possibly can. The first one to come to mind is Theater du Bug. Check it out if you see it on the server list!


Theater du Bug’s entrance area

As long fans of Tower Unite, we’ve been anticipating the day the developers finally add dedicated condo servers. As soon as I saw the news update on Steam (I know I’m a bit late, all I’ve been playing lately is Sims, which I totally have on Steam), I jumped on notifying the rest of the team as fast as I could. Regrettably, being the one to notice this update led to me having to write this long article going on and on about what this could lead to for both EVLBox’s and Tower Unite’s future.

EVLBox actually has a partially built condo, having started the project a year or two ago. We started to furnish the Highrise, but put it on hold until we had more news on the dedicated server update. Now that there’s finally a window for this feature, Ryan’s probably going to hold me at gunpoint until I get back on that. But don’t worry! I will try my best to get our place ready and looking sick before my time’s up!


A sneak peek at some of my expert work in my personal Condo

If the feature allows for it, EVLBox will most definitely offer server hosting services for Tower Unite! As it’s the game that led to our existence, we will do everything in our power to get this going as soon as we can, if and when it happens. Keep an eye out, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date!

If you’re interested in picking up Tower Unite on Steam, now’s the time, as they’re raising the price from $19.99 to $24.99 soon to financially support the larger updates they’ll be working on.If you’re already a part of their player base, consider supporting their development by checking out the links listed here.


Just enjoying a quiet drink in the Tower Unite Plaza.